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Since my very much needed break from creating content and social media in general, I’ve had a lot to think about. In that time, I also decided to shoot my shot (LMAO) at an OG Trinidadian Blogger, well known in the fashion sphere, Stephanie Ramlogan. She selflessly decided to mentor 3 random bloggers /creators and kindly picked me as one of her mentees to help improve my blog. Moral of the story….SHOOT YA SHOT PEOPLE! Literally nothing to lose LOL!

But I digress, in one of our sessions, she asked me…

“Why a blog?”

Y’all this question…I think it haunts me the most because I have asked myself, one too many times, if I should even continue this blog. Am I even cut out for this? I guess I forgot my why due to this conflict. To work through this though, I am going to expose myself, of some sort, on how my thinking evolved behind starting Simone Inspires….


At the time of starting my blog, if you don’t already know, I was unemployed, lost as to my purpose and quite depressed because of this – check out my About page. I literally would be praying and crying myself to sleep, asking God to provide some clarity and a new opportunity. My mentor at the time, had suggested that I start a blog as a form of passive income and truthfully, I scoffed at the idea. I already knew, even back then, the consistency that was required to make a successful blog. I was closed off because I knew I was not quite there with up-keeping that….and I really wasn’t! LOL! As such, the growth of my blog has been super slow and steady over the years but I continue to work on my consistency….a work in progress!

AN ANONYMOUS WRITER? or a scared writer?

Another reason why I chose a blog, is because to me, it felt like I was writing anonymously, especially in the very beginning of my blog. Initially, for a short time, Simone Inspires was actually a private blog….because I didn’t have the balls to publish it just yet LOL! Ironically though, I was writing the most during my blog’s first month. These were my first few pieces – which are still public on my blog by the way. If you really investigate, you would realize that those blog posts were literally published some days apart. Drastic difference to how often I post now right? Again, I digress but I was so scared of putting myself out in the public, especially being such a private person. Even after publishing, I didn’t tell many people about it, I didn’t really push my posts and I DEFINITELY DID NOT go on social media to help promote it. It was ironic that I was supposedly writing to help others but yet I kept my entire blog so hush hush for so long.

quality content only! nothing more, nothing less!

Once I got the swing of things, I felt that once my content was quality to a few, that’s all that mattered. No one would be interested in me or seeing me online. I was so wrong! At this stage though, it made me feel protected at the time because I didn’t really want to show my face on the internet so publicly and I didn’t want to deal with internet trolls… LOL! How limiting…

Added to this, being a person who values her privacy and enjoys being present without having to document every “behind the scenes” moment, really contributed to my lack of presence online in the former years of my blog. A battle I still deal with today…


As I continued to grow Simone Inspires, especially in 2018, I decided I wanted this space to be a place of inspiration to others through my own learning and a space to share my passions. I realized I actually got joy when I completed a piece and saw y’all expressing how relateable and helpful my articles were….and that was so fulfilling – I appreciate y’all sooo much! ❤ After all, I’ve always been that friend in my group that offers advice and an encouraging word to my friends, so why not use a blog to do just that for others, right?

But alas….our fears can really limit us. Yes, it’s a fact – I post and write a lot on advice type content but please understand, it doesn’t always mean that I have perfected it myself. Sometimes, it is simply a realisation that I have made or something I am still growing through myself. A work in progress….

In the second part to this post, I am going to be real with y’all about some of the things I have been battling with, in silence, since having a blog. So stay tuned for that.

Until then, I hope you would have appreciated and been inspired by this post in some way….see you in the 2nd installment of Blog Therapy! 🙂 ❤

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires

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  1. Janine Browne says:

    I’m late in reading but looking forward to part two which drops in a few! Proud of you 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks hun! Yes i dropped part 2 a bit earlier so it’s already up😊😊 enjoyyy!


  2. Daniella Bartholomew says:

    I’m looking forward to part two!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Very verryy soon!


  3. Girl I literally read this shaking my head in agreement and hmm-ing all the way through because I felt you in this mainly because I too have wanted to start my blog but as you said – fear and wondering about if I can keep up the consistency. I’m happy you decided to come back and pursue it because it seems like something you really love. I ready for part 2!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey girl hey! So glad you enjoyed it 🙏🏽 honestly i just pray we all get over our fears and do what we love unapologetically and unafraid of what others may think. Part 2 is coming this weekend ! I hope my writings will continue to inspire you hun. Thanks so much for taking the time to read💛🙏🏽


  4. RosalynLynn says:

    This is so funny, cuz I thought I was the only one having those same thoughts. I too, am very private, don’t like social media, but started my own blog. I felt if I reached one person, then I’ve done some good. But most importantly it’s me working through my journey and sharing with others who may feel the same way and we grow together. Please continue to be YOU and inspire us all. Thanks for sharing 😊


    1. Girl I have realized since having this blog that many times we are experiencing the same things yes. But yes it’s a constant conflict with social media for me too. We sound so alike hahahaha. I encourage you to also continue on your blogging journey and with time we will both break through our fears😊😊💛💛


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