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DISCLAIMER: THIS post is the 2nd instalment of A 2-PART BLOG! If you haven’t read the 1st part, “Dear Simone . . . Why The Blog? What’s The Point?”, go read that now and then come back to this. it will only make sense once you read it….

So let’s continue to expose Simone Inspires shall we! LOL!

Fear and complacency can really limit us. As the title suggests, I am not the perfect blogger. I have ghosted my platforms so many times in the past, I wonder how come I even have some semblance of a following. Many times the inconsistency is due to my own personal fear and complacency which spawns a whole host of very avoidable stumbling blocks…. here are some that I constantly battle with from time to time…


Valuing my privacy and being somewhat of an introvert (until I get to know someone at least) still causes a mental conflict to this day when it comes to creating content. SIGH! I am not always open to sharing certain details of my life on social media or my blog because I enjoy just being in the moment and being present without documenting everything all the time. Other times, I am just not ready to share my experiences out of fear of being judged or lack of capacity to do so because I am still trying to figure it out myself. UGHH!


Another conflict I face, which makes the process of creating content unnecessarily frustrating, is overthinking my content. Sometimes I am so much in my head that I just don’t end up creating anything. You won’t believe the immense writer’s block and word vomit that happened before this 2-part blog came into fruition! LISTEEENN!

Needless to say, I have a few ideas of why I do this, one of them being imposter syndrome.

I would think, “who am I to give anyone advice when I don’t even have it all together?”….”I am such a fraud”…”what would people think if I posted this?”.

It’s hard for me to admit all of this but it’s a fact. Other times I am just truly mentally exhausted and all the overthinking further compounds this. As you can see though, it’s so important to be wary of how you speak to yourself.

3. being too lazy to write when i’m actually inspired

YUP! Amma have to call out myself since we’re being transparent. There are many times I’ve had content ideas, made note of them and never write on them until whenever. Then I start to feel overwhelmed because I have all this writing to do . All this just undermines any motivation and zeal and what do I end up with? NOTHING.

No excuses though, I understand that this is a lack of discipline and so, I know this too is something to be worked on.


What happens next because of this? THE GUILT! Why? Weellll because I haven’t created content for my blog and now a week has passed….WAIT! NOPE MY BAD!…a whole month has passed! It’s a really toxic cycle – and who wants to be “motivated“, by guilt, to do anything? The guilt then either does one of two things; it pushes me to create – which makes the whole process daunting rather than fun because I am not genuinely feeling to write, nor do I feel inspired to do so. If not this, the guilt may show itself as me trying to ignore the fact that I have to write and usually looks like procrastination for weeks….JOY!

Soo this leaves the burning question, How the hell can I inspire others when I don’t even feel inspired at times? How does Simone … inspire?

Short answer…I DON’T and this causes consistency to suffer. When I am going through my own troughs in life, it is truly hard for me to inspire or motivate anyone because most times, I am trying to find that for myself. Can’t pour from an empty cup, right? Many have suggested that these are perfect opportunities to write and let it out. I honestly think I have overlooked how therapeutic writing it out can be…and it is. I mean, this whole 2 part-blog came from me bottling up all these feelings for so long and finally being pushed to write about it. Admittedly, it has been like therapy indeed!

But this is the whole point of my blog….inspiring others through my own work in progress and learning. Sharing what I’ve learnt and still learning with you guys in hopes, that it helps you too.

Not sure why I am getting emotional as I type this but long story short…

Simone Inspires is not the perfect, cookie cutter, follow all the rules blog. Simone Inspires is a space meant to embrace the imperfections, to appreciate the process of being a work in progress and to inspire others through it all. It is NOT a space that has all the answers but one that shares the lessons learnt, being learnt and still to be learnt in hopes that it helps you too. Simone Inspires is not perfect, nor was it meant to be….it is a space to uplift, to inspire & to motivate! 🙂

I am curious to know….what has this blog been for you? Why do you even read this blog? LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires


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  1. RosalynLynn says:

    You answered your own question. Girl, blog what’s in your heart and it will touch who it supposed to. Just because you blog doesn’t mean you won’t have a rough patch. The inspiration comes from knowing you got through and we can too. No one’s perfect and no one expect you to be. You inspire us to show up as we are. Thanks for sharing and your honesty ❤️ Bless you!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really appreciate your comments here💛 indeed no one is perfect nor were we meant to be…how beautiful is that. Thanks for this reminder Rosalyn🙏🏽🤗 i will continue to do my best on here!


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