My Current Hair Routine Post Big Chop – For Soft, Moisturized Curls!

After my big chop in July of this year, my main focus has really been on finding the best combo of products to achieve hydrated and moisturized curls! Essentially this is just my current hair routine using these particular products. The combo mentioned in this post is therefore subject to change because I am still experimenting with products. I got my products and Pennywise and Superpharm Trinidad.

FIRST! If you are new to my corner of the internet….here are some quick facts about my hair…

  • Hair Type: Predominantly 3C
  • Hair Porosity: Low
  • Density: Medium to High with thick hair strands
  • Other hair features: naturally dry, frizzy
  • Frequency of wash days: once per week (end of week)
  • Climate: Tropical/ hot weather/ Humid

Okay! Now let’s dive in shall we! 🙂


Since my big chop, my weekly cleansing process has actually gone from doing 1 round of shampoo to doing 2 rounds – depending on the week my hair has had. Due to this occasional practice, I have been loving using the Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Quenching Shampoo. It thoroughly cleanses my hair and scalp without stripping the life out of my curls – even after 2 rounds of use. The reality is that my hair is super exposed now so this is integral at the cleansing stage. I also make sure to do a nice scalp massage at this time.


After shampoo-ing I go straight into deep conditioning.  Currently, I have been swoon over the Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Quenching Deep Moisture Mask. I really think this one is going to be added to my top favourite deep conditioners. It’s creamy & thick – so the slip is great – and I don’t need to glop heaps onto my hair to get the desired results. Once I apply this onto my hair, I finger detangle and comb through to evenly distribute the product and detangle. After this, my curls go in a plastic shower cap – for about 15 – 30 mins – under my heated therapeutic steam cap . My hair is left feeling soft, moisturised and even defined, after rinsing.


FINALLY! The Juicy parrrtt! LMAO! My styling process currently uses 3 key products. Here they are:


So call it back to front or wrong side but I actually oil my scalp first now. The oil only goes on my scalp at this stage though. I interchange between virgin coconut oil or this lovely concoction of oils from the Happy Curls, Happy Girls Protect and Grow Hair Oil! You can use this as a hot oil treatment or as a sealant for your styles. I have used it for scalp care and to seal as my last step but for now, I mostly use it to oil my scalp.


I don’t know whyyyyyy I took sooooo long to use this product! The Hair Moisture Therapy from Croissance, smells like cupcakes and candy and is beyond effective in moisturising my curls. On wet hair, I start off with this first to set a solid foundation for moisture and hydration. I take a healthy amount and thoroughly rake it through my curls with my fingers to begin defining my curls. This moisturizer is easy to work with and distributes throughout my tresses effortlessly. It does leave a slight white residue but this disappears as I continue my routine and it is able to absorb into my curls fully.


I go in with The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa Sweet Oil & Honey Sealing Cream. This not only locks in all the moisture from the Croissance Moisturizer but it adds even more definition and moisture. My curls be shiney, springy and soft! The scent is also heavenly and I am sure people could smell this lingering behind me as I pass. It’s a clean tropical fragrance and I am definately here for it!


My final step ,as y’all know, is to lay my edges! And no, it’s not with an Eco Styler Gel! I’ve been using The Xtreme Professional Wetline gel for a quite a while now, to slay my baby hairs. It’s actually cheaper than the Eco Styler Gels and the hold is literally as it says, EXTREME! It lasts me all day.


In the days following my wash day, I usually have to re-wet my hair daily. Some days I can just re-wet it and rake through the curls as the already applied products re-activate. However, to prevent my curls from feeling rough and looking dehydrated, as it is so exposed to the elements, I would sometimes go in with just a little bit of The Mane Choice Sealing Cream. Other days, if my curls are becoming a bit too soft and loosing definition, I will re-wet the hair, rake through and apply a tinyyyyy bit of the wetline gel to re-define my curls. So I am sure it makes sense now why I would sometimes do 2 rounds of shampoo to thoroughly cleanse LOL!

I will also admit that having to re-wet and touch up my hair daily in this way can become a bit much but as my hair is short, it’s not that much of a task. It has been almost 4months and my curls are healthy and are already growing out a bit so I am definately due for a little reshaping. See my wash day results below!

Wash + Go with some finger coils to the front
Wash + Go damp hair – front view
Wash + Go damp hair – back view

That’s all for now friends! What products should I try next??

What are your favourite products for hydration and moisture? Leave it in the comments below!

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires


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  1. Lisa-Madonna Maynard says:

    I really enjoyed this post! I have the Croissance in my current go-tos, my hair absolutely loves it. The Mane choice also works well for me and I intend to try more from their line… I’d like to try the Carol’s Daughter to see how it works for my hair as I’m more 4B/4C

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes girl ! That Croissance im so vex I didn’t try it earlier😭 but that and the mane choice make for a sweet combo. Yes def try the Carol’s Daughter and let me know how it goes for you. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment💛😊


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