Is Life Boring OR Have I Just Become Too Comfortable?

Not even stickin’ today!

So in my 2 part series called “Blog Therapy” – which BTW you should definately go read after this – I spoke a bit on fear. But fear aside, comfort can really creep up on you and set you back! You may think to yourself though,

” I am not lazy! I work hard everyday and have really got a handle on my routine.”

OR you may also think,

Simone, life is so hard as it is and right now, a sis is good okay! Not trying to complicate things, ease me up! ”

However, each of these thoughts shows a sense of comfort and complacency to an extent, just hear me out for a few minutes.

The other day I was mind blown after having a truly honest moment with myself. Currently experiencing some good challenge in my life, it made me realize how long it’s been since I experienced that or did something new just because. I mean having a routine is great BUT, am I living or just existing right now? Reflecting on some of my own realities, and the panoramic (of course I meant pandemic) aside LOL, I can see now that I have just been in a complacent state for a while. So, if you aren’t sure if you are experiencing this as well, here are a few signs and simple ways you can overcome them:


Everything is routined and there is nothing outside of this amazing routine. I hope you caught the sarcasm there. At one point in my life, this looked like working everyday and overtime at that, to then come home, prep for the next day, sometimes procrastinate and fall asleep on myself. No time for me. Oh! And the weekends! Nothing special actually, just a bunch of errands and wash day. Recently though, I realized that most of my weekends became about errands….WOOPTY DOO! -___-

Don’t get me wrong, I know we are all out here just trying to be responsible adults and get everything done, but life cannot be about work alone. Quality time by yourself and your loved ones, doing things that you enjoy, is so necessary. Remember what our grandparents would say?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! ” – MAN IS THAT TRUE!

Even if you have to schedule time out to workout or meet up with that friend you haven’t seen in 2 years, spend time with your family or love or just take time to engage in an old hobby…do it! Sometimes it just takes a little more effort – do it for your sanity LOL!


Again, panoramic limitations aside, you haven’t really had the urge or desire to challenge yourself a bit, try your hand at a new hobby or course. You’re just fine with how things are and have been for a long time. Now I get it if this is a recent thing because I think that covid has affected us all in different ways. But if you are really honest with yourself and notice it’s been this way for way longer than just now?….HELLO? COMFORT ZONE?? IS THAT YOU?!?

Snap out of it and do something new for ONCE! Try new foods, go to a beach you haven’t gone to in years or haven’t gone to ever, try painting, sewing, something! While the pandemic has it’s limitations, there are still options available.


You lack direction, purpose and any kind of ambition. You just don’t have the zeal for life itself. You’re merely existing. Iv’e been in this space before and it can be quite depressing. The reality though is that a lot of times we are waiting to get out of the funk, we are waiting for some sign of sorts and then we don’t even try to ACTUALLY get out of the funk. Meanwhile it’s that lack of action that is keeping us from the clarity and zeal we need to move forward.

You can do little things to get out of this though – maybe start by organising and cleaning up your space. How we feel is sometime reflected in how we keep our surroundings. Another thing you can do is write out how you are feeling, or speak to a loved one – whatever works for you and allows you to get it out. Submit it to God in prayer and feed yourself with material that will make you get back that zeal – reading books, listening to podcasts, revisiting your goals and engaging in an action plan. Spending time outdoors has also helped for me in the past and of course, I always encourage therapy. Nothing to be ashamed of as this can sometimes be a symptom of a deeper issue.


The lack of zeal can result in this and listen, I have been guilty of this! But you can’t be tired everyday to the point where you don’t even want to do the things that you genuinely enjoy, unless you are depressed – in which case please don’t be afraid to seek help.

ITake ANap Right Here Sleepy GIF - ITakeANapRightHere Sleepy Beach GIFs

However, sometimes it’s not that we are tired but we just lack zeal and purpose. Things are so routine and we are just going day by day without any purpose, we don’t even realize that we aren’t living. This can also lead to laziness because I have definately caught myself considering to do nothing instead of engaging in an enjoyable hobby. At times, you’ve had such a long day, you just don’t have the energy for human interaction.

On the flip side though, not making time for these things takes away the opportunity to establish any kind of balance in your life and eventually leads to that lack lustre, routined feeling I spoke about earlier.


You’ve gotten so comfortable and life seems okay right now but you haven’t even noticed that you’ve settled. What about all those goals you had and genuinely wanted to pursue? What do you even want anymore in life? I am all for being grateful for what you have and working with what you have in that very moment. However, it’s a whole other thing when you’ve become so comfortable you now start to limit yourself.

This is why self-awareness and good company is so important. Even if you aren’t aware of it right now, it’s good to practice some introspection to evaluate if it even exists. Other times it takes a loved one , who is on the outside looking in, to make us aware of it. It may not always be a pleasant conversation or easy to accept but often necessary.

I think these things happen to us all from time to time. We are human and we can become comfortable at times. That’s normal. This post isn’t meant to put unnecessary pressure on you but act as a wake up call and allow for a little introspection because it’s really easy to get caught up. These can also, as mentioned before, be signs of something deeper going on and so, don’t be ashamed to reach out for help and do what you need to do for your own mental health.

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  1. RosalynLynn says:

    Great tips and advice!!!

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    1. Thanks much girl! Im glad it was helpful🙏🏽 hope you are well 🤗💛


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