The Big Chop: Why I Did It 7 Years AFTER Growing My Hair To Waist Length…

Yup! You read that right! After 7 years of growing my hair to waist length, I basically said NOPE! And chopped it off!

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Doing the big chop was as liberating as everyone said it would be! If you have been following me since the inception of my blog in 2016, you would already know that I actually transitioned and began my natural hair journey back in 2013 – for the second time BTW LOL!. Read about it here – How My Hair Journey Began. I never actually big chopped!

Ever since then, my hair journey has been focused on growing long, healthy waist length, or near waist length hair, which I am happy to report that I achieved. PS. If you want a little insight on what you can do to grow your hair, then definately check out these tips – What I Did To Stimulate Hair Growth.

5 – 7 years of Hair Growth!

So why’d you just chop it all off Simone?!

I meaaaannn….LOL! Here are some reasons why I did it:


I don’t exactly know what it was but I noticed for a goooood while now, my wash and go’s just weren’t setting like it used to. I would trim my ends now and then – which would help – but my hair itself was not falling and setting the way I knew it used to. Added to that, I had been experiencing excessive shedding. My curls would be thick and full at the roots and then taper off in thickness as it grew longer – possibly because my ends were dead and I had only been doing sporadic half inch trims. SMH!!! Clearly I was holding on to my length too much!

Due to this, I would find myself doing a lot of protective styles like twists and buns just to avoid the stress of a potentially failed wash and go. It’s not that my hair wasn’t healthy but I felt it could do better. Honestly, I could have just gotten rid of some inches and maybe changed my hair products but I figured why not just use the opportunity to chop it off and start over. Doing this has also given me the chance to reset my hair journey and really pinpoint what products work and don’t work in my hair.



I’ve been texturized and transitioned – TWICE! I’ve tried braids – SEVERAL TIMES, flat ironed my hair bone straight, cut my hair into a bob – mostly because of breakage while I was texturized SMH– tried finger coils, twists and the works! It’s been fun guys, trust me! After all this though, I’ve been growing out my tresses to waist length for years. So I’ve essentially had the same long hair look FOR YEARS – which to me, was getting a bit BORRINNGGG. As I already tried all these, it was only fair to try a lil tapered TWA! HAHAH! I had been craving to step outside of my comfort zone and cut my hair super short. Just have a completely different look for once – and SIIIISS! NO REGRETS! ❤

Also, if I am being real real, I wanted to NOT look like a lil girl for once HAHA! See the difference in my IG TV Video here!

i needed a break too!

Truthfully, I was getting a bit tired of all the hair combing and styling every week. As fun as the natural hair life can be, having curls and coils can become a bit much at times. I was at the point where I was fed up of twisting and braiding and throwing it up in a bun. All cute! But a girl is tired of doing all that LOL! For now, I’ll be embracing these short curls until I decide to grow them back out.

So that’s it! These were the main reasons for chopping it all off after 7 years …nothing serious – HAIR GROWS BACK! My focus is still on maintaining healthy hair but as my hair is so exposed for the first time, I’ll be doing a lot of experimenting with old and new products until I find THE ONE! LOL!

Bye for now guys ! ❤

Don’t forget to check out my 2 part Big Chop Series on my IG TV!

Have you ever big chopped or done something completely out of the box to your hair? What were your reasons for it? Leave it in the comments below!

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires

Simone Inspires

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