5 Powerful Benefits of Writing Things Down ft. The Fashion Arch (FA) Lifestyle

As the work from home culture is becoming a norm for a lot more of us, it can become overwhelming. I don’t know about you but as much as I enjoy working from home sometimes, it can become a bit overwhelming to get it all done with distractions at home. Since working from home I resumed doing an old habit I practiced as a student – WRITING IT ALL DOWN! From 5yr goals to daily tasks, writing things down is so effective!

So here are 5 powerful benefits/ reasons why you should make it a lifestyle habit – especially if you are working from home now:

1. IT takes off the mental pressure – well initially!

Ever have soooo many things on your mind that you always forget to do something? DON’T LIE! I know you just said YESS in your head! Writing things down will help to take that inital mental pressure off! Instead of making all these “mental notes” of your 1 million tasks, just write it down and refer to it as you go through your to-do list. You already get a headache from doing so many things, please, do yourself this one favour ok! LMAO!

FA Journal

As you jot down each task or goal, even before you begin to flesh out each point in detail, you would realize it automatically establishes some sort of structure. This will then help you to really see which tasks or goals need more time or attention than the other. Which brings me to my next point…


Once you can see each goal on paper, it triggers the thought process of not only which ones need more time but you can also now focus on how to achieve each one. Trying to figure out in your head, which task to do first and then how to approach which one is utter mental chaos! – and ANOTHER STRESS HEADACHE! Try writing it down and fleshing out each task/ goal one by one. It is much easier to really double down on the specific actionable steps needed to execute each goal or task when you can physically see it written down. To this day, even though I make note of my content topics on my phone from time to time, I STILL END UP WRITING IT DOWN IN MY NOTEBOOK EVENTUALLY! IDK YALL!


Whether I am working from home or in office, I have seen how simply writing down my tasks in a notebook or, as of recently, having a spreadsheet with my tasks, helps me to keep track of my work. The structure of having the written/ typed list in itself, maintains focus that helps me work on each task little by little and keeps track of those pending.  This gives a snapshot of what needs to be done so that you can allocate your time and resources in a way that is more effective and efficient. The same goes for goals. There are times where I would write down my yearly goals and as the year progresses, I may have to revisit and revise for a more realistic timeframe. If not written down, it is hard to remember the goal itself, far less revisit it!


While it’s always best to have a self-motivated attitude, having a push factor helps to keep you driven and focused on the goal/s at hand. When the goal or task is written down, you know it has be achieved. You now have a reason for doing what you need to do to attain that. It creates purpose driven focus. Once this is in place, it is easier to be productive! I honestly CYANNOT be the only one that feels a slight high whenever you complete a task and get to cross it off of your list – AND don’t get me started on when a goal is achieved! SIIIIISSSSSS! PRODUCTIVITY ON 1000! ADULTING WINS!

FA Journal

There are so many more benefits to writing things down! I strongly advise you to make it a part of your routine especially if you are working from home.

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How has writing things down helped to improve your work from home routine/ life in general? Let me know in the comments below!

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