What I Did To Stimulate Hair Growth

Everyone’s hair journey is unique to them but often times, when some have just begun their journey, the rate at which their hair is growing out may be a big concern – at least, this was what it was like for me when transitioning back to natural.  While hair health is a major key (LOL) and should ideally be the most imperative aspect of your journey, it is natural to be concerned about the rate at which your hair is growing.

In the past,  I would often experience the ends of my hair breaking off after reaching a certain length but, after much experimentation, trial and error, I have found these tips to be successful in growing my hair out.  Please do keep in mind however, that everyone is different.


Carrying out therapeutic steams at least once a month, can be quite beneficial for your hair growth.  Usually, I would do this at home using a basic steam cap – bought at Pennywise, if you live in Trinidad – and steaming my hair for 15- 20 mins.  After cleansing my hair and applying conditioner, preferably a deep conditioner, I would set the steam cap to the highest heat to warm up and then either leave it at that temperature or set it down to the second highest heat.  The heat essentially helps to open up the hair cuticles and allows for drinks up the conditioner.  Thus, the end result of this procedure is soft, moisturized hair.  The elasticity of my hair also showed improvement after a few treatments.

Check out this article on Naturally Curly which further explains why this works and is beneficial to your hair journey.


If you are well into your hair journey, you probably have experienced the truth in this method already.  I believe that this was a contributing factor to my hair growth.  Whilst you can massage your scalp whenever you like, I  use this method each time I have a wash day.  While cleansing and conditioning my hair, I massage each section of hair thoroughly during the application of products and whilst washing out these products from the hair. Sometimes I may do this standing in the shower or arched so that the blood flows to my head.  Note that it is important to massage the scalp with the buds of your fingers in circular motions and not with the nails, so as to not accidentally damage the scalp.  This promotes the flow of blood to the hair follicle which stimulates the growth of hair.


Braids, 2-strand twists/ corkscrews, flat twists, buns – whatever the case – protective styling has definitely helped to grow out my hair.  This is because there is low manipulation of the hair when styled in this way.  Of course, this is given that you style your hair in this way to last more than one day. This essentially gives the hair a break and time to grow without being constantly combed or brushed for the time within which you keep the style. Usually I would do a protective style on my wash day to last at least until the next wash day (1 week in most times for me).  Depending on how your hair is, you can leave it for longer – as with braids which can last for months.  Another advantage of protective styling is the time saved to get ready on mornings and who wouldn’t marvel in that reality! XD

I hope this post will be of great benefit to you. If you are curious about the products I usually use for these methods, be sure to check out my last hair post on my hair care regimen.


As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires


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  1. DaLoveLee1 says:

    Nice piece. I have to try streaming. I’m going to do a condition and scalp massage challenge in October. https://www.facebook.com/events/1617846391847022/?ti=cl

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    1. Sounds great! I wish you all the best but I know you will see results! 🙂

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