3 Ways To Add Elegance To A Bold Piece (Leopard Print Edition)

Oftentimes when we pair a basic piece with a bold/ printed piece, the idea is to keep the focus on that bold element. However, it’s still possible to add that extra elegance to your ensemble without doing too much. Here are 3 super simple ways you can do this:


If you have been following me for a while, you knowww I love a good gold accent with my fits. One of my faves is my Spirit of Naiad Gold Choker that I talked about in my post – 4 Of My Fave Local, Handcrafted Fashion Staples – Accessories . Adding little minimalist, gold pieces, can easily incorporate that elegant factor to even the boldest of looks. This way you can keep it spicey but classy!


Heels always make any fit a little dressy and classy.  Depending on the type of heel, it can definitely add elegance to your ensembles in seconds! I love a good chunky heel if I am wearing heels at all. I used a nude one here so that the focus is kept on the leopard maxi skirt, while adding some subltle class and grown woman vybes! LOL! The nude heel also helps to highlight the nude tones seen between the little leopard spots on the skirt – see! simple but oh so effective!


If you want to keep it classy but you aren’t in a “dressed up” kind of mood – or you just not about the heels life – adding a cute sandal adds the right balance. Although the aim is elegance, added to the your gold accents, a cute sandal – check out the style video below to see the one I used! – helps maintain focus on the statement piece while also adding some playful, more relaxed touches to the entire fit. This way you effortlessly achieve a more elegantly casual style.

Where would I wear this fit?
  • Outdoor Brunch with the gals
  • Night out Island Staycation
  • Dinner Date Night with Babe ❤
Island Me To Island Chic!

How do you style your bold closet pieces? Where would you where this outfit? Leave it in the comments below!

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires

Simone Inspires

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