Product Review | New Suave Professionals For Natural Hair


Check out my review of the entire new Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Product Line! I included pics and a video just for y’all! Enjoy!

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Product Review | Happy Curls, Happy Girls Natural Flaxseed Creme Gel

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored review. All opinions shared are my own and are based on my experience with this product. For your information Hair Type: 3C Hair Porosity: Low Density: High with thick hair strands Other hair features: naturally dry, frizzy Important factors about my use of these products Duration of use thus…

My Curly Hair Routine

Having completed my two (2) year transition from texturized to my naturally curly 3c/4A, low porosity hair, I think it is beyond safe to conclude that I have invested significant amounts of time and money in hair care.  Today however,  I am ecstatic to confess that I have finally settled in using a few great…