Product Review | Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-in-Conditioner


This is NOT a sponsored review. All opinions shared are my own and are based on my experience with this product.

Back at it again, y’all! Sorry I took so long to do this review but I had to give this product a fighting chance. Be sure to check out my previous post about this product:

First Impressions | Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-in-Conditioner

For your information

  • Hair Type: 3C
  • Hair Porosity: Low
  • Density: High with thick hair strands
  • Other hair features: naturally dry, frizzy

Important factors about my use of this product

  • Duration of use thus far: approx. six (6) months (sometime in November – Present)
  • How the product is used: incorporated in the L.O.C Method as a leave-in-conditioner
  • State of hair when applied: Damp
  • Climate within which product is used: Tropical/ hot weather

My Experience with this product . . .

As previously stated I used this product within the L.O.C. moisturizing method. I realized after a couple of uses that this product worked best when applied to DAMP hair. This product provided great slip making detangling – if necessary – easier and also making the product easy to work into my hair.

I recently began using a cotton t-shirt to slightly dry sections of my hair, before applying products, in order to bring it to a damp state and avoid excess frizz. This is the first product I would apply to my hair followed by these products in the exact order listed below:

  • Mix of oils (Jamaican Black Castor, Coconut, Peppermint, Banana, Sweet Almond, Glycerin) – applied to scalp only and massaged in in circular motions.
  • Other oils/serums (see slideshow) – applied to strands only
  • Moisturizing Cream (see slideshow)

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After application and styling, my hair would be moisturized for a couple days (once in a protective style) before styling again or until I feel like my hair is dry or needs to be rejuvenated. If in a wash and go or being put in a bun daily, my hair may need to be re-hydrated after a two (2) or more days with more product. It does a good job at defining my curls but for further definition, I would usually use my Eco-Styler Gel and my Styling Foam of choice. However, I realized that using this product in combination with other products in the L.O.C. Method has a certain reaction. When damp or drying, my curls would be defined and moisturized but some curl clusters would be slightly crunchy with a little frizz while drying or even in the day/s to follow, completely dry. Overall though, frizz is minimized after applying all products using the L.O.C method.

Essentially, using this product in the L.O.C. Method, my hair would remain very light, shiny, fluffy, bouncy and soft. Although I can feel the products on my hair when it is completely dry and during the week, it still does not fully meet my exceptions to keep my curls feeling hydrated over long periods of time, when completely dry – unless it is in a protective style. However, this could be due to the use of the gel and styling foam, as well as, the type of climate. I am still skeptical about hydration with this product.

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Outside the L.O.C. method, the product in isolation seems to have the same effect as discussed above except, there is little to no crunchiness when the hair is completely dry or even while damp. It was able to leave my hair feeling completely moisturized and my curls defined and hydrated when drying. When completely dry, my curls stayed defined, soft, shiny, fluffy, springy/ bouncy. However, I am still trying to figure out whether this product did much in curbing the issue of dryness and frizziness at the front of my hair and some parts of my roots. The hair that makes up my hair line and parts of my roots failed to become hydrated but felt soft.


Price: In my country, this product is pricey, being offered at $89TTD/ $13.22USD in Pennywise. However, because it lasts so long, I actually do not have to purchase it monthly, ultimately saving me money.

Quality: I consider the quality of the product to be relatively good as it does benefit my hair; contributing to its growth and general health due to its natural ingredients and other components.

Life of Product: My first purchase of this product transpired sometime in November 2016 and I use it once a week (every wash day) each month – sometimes two (2) to three (3) times a week if needed or if I happened to do a co-wash. A major pro of this product is that a little goes a long way as it is light and runny in texture offering a lot of slip. Due to these factors, my first tub of this product lasted approximately four (4) months – from November to March.

Final Thoughts: If your hair type is similar to mine, you can test this product at your own risk, but I would suggest using it in different ways and with different products to figure out how best it works for your hair – this is what I had to do and am still in the process of doing.

Rating of Product: 3.5/5

Some shots of my 3rd to 4th day hair – after exercising with slightly damp hair –  using the L.O.C Method:

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That’s all for now folks! I know this review was long but I hope it helps you in your own hair journey 🙂

Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions about this product and how to optimize its use. Let’s educate and help one another!


As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires


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