My Curly Hair Routine

Having completed my two (2) year transition from texturized to my naturally curly 3c/4A, low porosity hair, I think it is beyond safe to conclude that I have invested significant amounts of time and money in hair care.  Today however,  I am ecstatic to confess that I have finally settled in using a few great hair products.  These products detail my hair regimen as of late.  Here is my list:


I usually shampoo and condition my hair every week or every two weeks (on rare occasions).  I go about this by sectioning my hair into 4 and shampooing each section.  I also barely co-wash, but if I do, it will normally be in a situation where I want fresh curls for a day/ night out but have only shampoo-ed my hair a couple days prior.  My hair is naturally dry and so, it is imperative that I  do not over-wash my hair.  In terms of deep conditioning, I usually do this once or twice a month with a therapeutic steam cap.  Products are as follows:

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After shampooing my hair, I would usually do my styling on damp hair.  For me, the L.O.C. – Leave-In Conditioner, Oil, Cream – method works best because it keeps my hair soft and moisturized for days.  Also, as mentioned before, my hair is of a low porosity and so, this method agrees well with me.  After I apply this method to style, should I have to manipulate my hair in the days that follow, I simply use a few sprits of water, conditioner or leave-in cream and, gel to style my hair.  The gel is mostly used for neat updo’s, to lay edges or to tame frizz from protective styles.  For oils, sometimes I use a mix of various oils and other times I use one oil as my sealant.  Products are as follows:

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My current regimen is pretty simple but is subject to change.  I will highlight though, that the Shea Moisture products have helped propel my hair growth to its natural state as I started to use this line while I was still transitioning.  The Cantu line has proved to work the best for me in terms of styling.  Other products which have agreed with me in the past include:


I hope this entry helped you in some way!  I bid you good luck on your own hair journey 🙂

Drop a comment to let me know what more you would like to know about my hair journey and for any questions you may have.


As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires


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