How I Overcame Low Self-Esteem

I cringe but I wanted to share a bit on how I overcame my low self-confidence . Hope it can help someone. Enjoy 🙂

Preparing For Your Blessing

Ending off this month and starting a new one with the right mindset! Enjoy 🙂 Let me know what you think!

Being Content In Your Season

Knowing that no human being on earth is perfect but that we are rather, works in progress, I feel like it’s fitting to share our experiences with each other, even in the midst of that progress. A few months ago I had found myself in a serious funk.  Eventually though, I had become exhausted being in…

Becoming Your Best Self

We all reach a point in our lives where we long for some sort of purpose or discovery in pursuit of becoming the best versions of ourselves. It could be a sign of maturity which brings us to this point or simply, a trigger of motivation for us to move on from current stagnation. Either…

Investing In Your Craft | Thoughts of A Secret Designer

A little storytime because I feel like it! LMAO! Ever experienced feelings of doubt in discovering your true passion? I know I do at times. Usually it would follow a very apologetic glance at my old and trusty sketchpad and a feeling of guilt that I am not giving my all to my real passion….