Preparing For Your Blessing

This topic has been weighing heavy on my heart lately.  As humans, we know change is inevitable.  Some of us may have accepted this truth and learnt to embrace it, others may fear it and then there are those who just refuse to even confront it.  Either way, it happens.

But more than change, there are blessings.  Blessings can sometimes come with change, or may be the change itself.  However, the thing with blessings is that it does not always come in our timing.  For many of us, this causes great disgruntlement especially during hard times.

We be all in our feelings like, “But why is this happening to me?  Why is this taking so long?! THIS TOO MUCH!” 200

Yes! trust me, I get it! But hear me out for a second, there are a couple things you may be overlooking here. We have to seriously reflect on a few things before we jump to complaining or engaging in that “poor me” syndrome.


In my post,  Being Content In Your Season – which you should really check out after this . . . quick plugs! LOL – I speak about the value of perspective.  Perspective can really cloud our judgement and outlook on life. 

I remember at the tender age of seven (7).  I had been really behind in my performance in school and my teachers had been complaining to my mom in PTA meetings about me zoning out during classes and “not paying attention”.  Bless their hearts though, they were not aware that I was actually having several seizures, and I was even more clueless  than them.  It was a seizure so obviously your girl could not remember ever zoning out in any class. LMAO!  downloadAfter careful observation, my mom decided to pay a visit to the neurologist.  Seven year old Simone was diagnosed with Petit Mal Epilepsy. . . feel free to google that.  At such a tender age, I am not sure I totally grasped that but, as I grew older, I had genuinely conceptualized what the disease was and the ramifications that accompanied it. 

As I hit my pre-teens though, I had now discovered my competitive side and developed terrible tunnel vision towards my goals.  I had no time for this chronic illness and was not going to allow it to keep me back.  After a few years with this illness,  I realized how very blessed I was.  I had gone from an average C student to now making honour role consecutively throughout high school.  I was also on the lowest dosage of medication an epileptic could be on.  Even now, I sometimes forget I have the illness, because I simply chose not to live my life with limitations.  I chose not to define myself as an epileptic but as Simone!  And I decided that I was not going to pity myself or hold myself back from the things I wanted to achieve.  

There are several other details about my journey with epilepsy that I won’t share for the sake of this post being too long.  But please realize that I am not sharing this story for pity or props or any of that irrelevant stuff.   I do believe though, that it may help someone have a positive change in perspective. download (2) I am not telling you that you aren’t entitled to feel how you feel right now during your own trials.  Furthermore I am not trying to trivialize any of your problems or mine, rather, I am asking that you genuinely reflect on life and your present situation and try to see the good that can come out of that messy period.  


Ever sit back and noticed how much you grow as a person coming out of a tough situation?  I am convinced that trials are windows of opportunity- even though sometimes it seems like a lifetime – for us to get it together and grow as a person.  Keeping the concept of faith in and grace from God in mind, my logic is that before trials,  we may not be quite ready or receptive for the bigger plans we desire and what God wants for us.  So ever so often, we have to undergo some challenges to propel that growth in order to become a bit more mature and ready to receive those blessings.  It sounds weird but try to understand this a bit.

I think that is why many of us are so quick to question God and even become angry with Him.  We do not realize that His timing is completely different to ours.  While He is trying to mold us for His plans, we are too busy trying to rush into our own plans.  download (1)What if your business failed because you had to learn how to run that business so that you can achieve the success you wanted the second time you tried?  What if your previous relationship did not work out because you had to learn about being able to spot red flags in someone’s personality to discern whether or not they were good for you. Or you had to learn about self love first in order to show someone else true love?  Like honestly, ask yourself.  You just may not have been ready in the time that you wanted everything to happen for you.  Allow the growth and embrace your process.


Everyone is different and so we all handle struggle differently.  But why not capitalize on your “dry season.”  You are praying but you still feel stagnant.  OK! Keep praying though.  You have faith but you don’t see any progress.  OK! Stay faithful sis!  Beyond prayer and faith though, what are you doing daily to become more receptive to your future blessings.  download (3)You want to start a business but you want to meet people in the industry who you can learn from to start that business.  OK! So are you doing any networking?  What action are you taking?  Faith without works is like anticipating an important exam, praying and asking everyone to pray for you but then not actually studying for that exam.  Ummm, sir….what are you doing?  LOL . Do you get my point here.  So ask yourself, what can I do during this dry spell that can allow me to position myself in the direction God wants me.

I truly hope that this month’s post inspired you to go forth in perseverance to do great and amazing things!

I crave interaction with you so please like, follow  and leave me a comment on this topic or any related experiences of your own.  Let’s help one another, share this post on all your socials, it may help someone who really needs it.

As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires


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  1. KB says:

    Wow… this is fabulous Simone!
    I am thrilled to be a part of and witness that revolution you made! You have certainly lived an inspirational life! I have always believed in you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks KB! (I know who this is LOL) ❤ And I know you always believed in me even when I didnt believe in myself. I still recall all those little pep talks you use to give me…thank you… I will always appreciate you for that ❤ Thanks for taking the time to read this post, happy you liked it and hope you share it with others 🙂


  2. nerobenoit says:

    Great post once again Simone! It’s indeed a challenge to maintain faith whilst we are preparing for our blessings. And reiterating what you said, maybe we should truly take that time to reflect upon ourselves,see the positives already in our lives and also aim to instill and nurture these traits of positivity to be more receptive of our blessings. As the saying goes, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready” 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed Nero! 👐👐👐It is difficult but it’s a conscious effort to remind ourselves that His timing and ours are 2 different concepts. Patience is indeed a virtue 😊 i am glad you enjoyed this post thanks so much for engaging ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nerobenoit says:

        Agree entirely! I think because we are usually so fixated on how we map out our plans that we sometimes grow frustrated when these said plans don’t work accordingly. However we should not lose track of the end-product of our goal. Simply enjoy the journey and learn along the way. There are multiple paths to our destination. Sit back and let The Great One upstairs take the wheel. To quote Drake……”God’s Plan” 🤗

        And thank you for always posting such inspiring and thought-provoking messages and advice. The name of your blog truly suits your work. An inspiration to others indeed! 👌😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. This is so true. We always think we know what we want and need but God always shows us the truth. Really have to enjoy the process and have faith and trust in Him. Love your perspective on this. I hope we can all be a light in the lives of our loved ones and those we meet.

        Thanks for such encouragement. I truly appreciate all feedback as it motivates me to continue writting and trying to help others through my content. You are greatly appreciated Nero…thank you ❤😊

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Janine Browne says:

    Loved this post, Simone. Thank you for being transparent! 💖

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it girl! ❤ and not a problem….it was a bit of a sudden decision to share something so personal but hopefully it helps someone! Thanks so much for reading my post 😊😘

      Liked by 1 person

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