Product Review| Femi Goddess Body – Are these pads a game changer for that time of the month?

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who / what is femi goddess body?
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Femi Goddess Body is a vegan feminine care brand born and bred, locally in Trinidad, by Fenella Sam. The brand specializes in creating products that are 100% organic using an array of herbs, oils and other natural ingredients, that are packed with healing properties and a plethora of overall vaginal health and wellness benefits.

Although their bio napkins were recently launched, Femi Goddess Body has been producing other amazing products inclusive of a Vaginal Wash, Yoni Steam, Yoni Pearls, Hydrating Mist and an Elixir oil.

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I haven’t tried their other products just yet, but so far, I am impressed with these pads. Here is what I loved about the Femi Goddess Body Nyota Bionapkin Sanitary Pads:

Cute & Secure PACKAGING
Femi Goddess Body Pure Cotton Nyota Bionapkin Sanitary Pads

Aside from the adorable boxing, I noticed how secure the individual pockets were. In comparison to my regular pads that easily open with the slightest tug, these were secured really well. This is great for me because when I am between bags, I tend to keep a few loose ones in my bag of choice, instead of packing my personal care pouch. I keep so many things in my bag that could easily cause a pad to open while running errands, so this made me confident that the pad’s sanitary properties would not be compromised in my bag of stuff.


According to their IG and local shop, the Femi Goddess Body bionapkins are compact with 8 high-tech layers, all made from food grade material. Here are the deets on this from the brand:

Active Oxygen & Negative Ion & Infrared ray sanitary napkins are made of eight-layers with high quality materials.

1st layer: Thin silk and soft cotton with perforated fast absorption surface allows the liquid to absorb three times fater        

2nd layer: Unique and exclusive padding,absorption well-balanced further preventing side leakage.     

3rd layer: Green negative ion chip effectively enhances anti-bacterrial capabilities.        

4th layer: Air-laid paper.      

5th layer: Super absorbent polymer paper in the center.     

6th layer: Air-laid paper . 

7th layer: Breathable and comfortable bottom layer.   

8th layer: Release paper(back adhesive, comfort with woman ergonomics)

Comfort: am I even wearing a pad??

These sanitary napkins are ridiculously comfortable, in comparison, to my regular pads. Sometimes I would be in my head like wow, do I even have a pad on? For once, it doesn’t feel like I have on a freakin’ diaper LMAO! My regular pads usually feel like I am stifling my lady friend but with these bionapkins, sis felt like she had some breathing space. We are here for it!😂


This post is already TMI so yh..

Sometimes when I use my usual pads, I would experience a bit of irritation during my cycle. This was not the case whenever I used the Femi Goddess Body BioNapkins. Seriously, the comfort experienced during my cycle is a sure hit!


Honestly this is what sold me because, HOW! If you read up on the properties of this sanitary napkin, you would learn that the Graphene Anion Chip – seen in photo below– is what accounts for this sorcery. LOL! It aids in eliminating odors while wearing the pad. Added to comfort, this made me feel very clean and confident instead of self conscious or anxious by the idea that I may have an odor.

On the brand’s IG page, Femi Goddess Body also states that the anion chip aids in the following:

  • Reduces stress
  • Strengths immunity
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Removes fatigue
  • Enhances hormonal balance
Just a few things…

I must admit that I did not use these pads throughout my entire cycle. I instead used it on certain days alongside my regular pads. This was due to 2 things:

  1. Leakage

These pads are quite absorbent but at the time, I was totally unaware that the brand had the overnight version of these pads! As such, I was using their regular pads during a more than moderate to heavy cycle. So sadly, I still experienced a bit of leakage at times. Another disclaimer is that I have this weird thing about me with underwear where I constantly get a wedgie, mostly on one side. DON’T ASK! LMAO! Due to this, when I am on my cycle and experience any leakage, that particular side tends to be more vulnerable than the other. I am truly not sure if my little quirk was a direct result of it but I did notice a few times, even when my flow was becoming more moderate and the pad was not totally full, I still leaked a bit at the side. Ideally, I would recommend getting the overnight bionapkin pads if you have heavier cycles.

2. Price Point

These bionapkins are sold at TTD$65.00 for a box of 10 sanitary napkins. Compared to a pack of 36 pads, from Always, for a little over TTD$40.00 at Pennywise, this may seem a bit steep. HOWEVER, AGAIN, these are not regular pads. They are organic and chemical free with great technology that offers and promotes menstrual health – visit the site or the brand’s IG for more details. As such, it is only fair that the price matches. If you want good quality you have to pay for such. As they say, “Cheap ting no good and good ting no cheap!” 😂😂

While doing my own research, I also noticed that several other branded organic pads retail for around the same price and in some cases, even more – approximately ranging USD$5.00 – $14.00 / TTD$33.50 – $93.80 – for a box of 10 pads. All this to say that in hindsight, these bionapkins are actually set at a pretty decent price.

I truly do love these pads and I feel secure knowing that it’s aiding in my menstrual wellness. The toss up is really just the price point. To go from spending a little over TTD$40.00 every 2 – 3 months to TTD$65.00 every month to cover just one cycle (in my case)? Even though these amazing pads become more of a luxury for me, by default, for the health for your lady bits, I think it’s well worth a shot !

So to conclude here is my overall rating on this product:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comfort & Breathability – 5/5

Quality – 5/5

Performance – 4/5

Packaging – 4/5

Price – 4/5

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Have you tried these bionapkin sanitary pads? What did you think? – Share in the comments below!

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