5 Habits That Have Been Improving My Lifestyle


If you follow me on IG – which you really should by the way >>> @simoneinspires_ – you may remember a post I made about habits and the fact that it can really shape who we are becoming and what direction our lives take. In light of this, I thought it would be helpful to share some healthy habits, which have been helping me improve my life. I truly believe it will help you too so let’s get into it!


As someone who is not a “morning person” I never thought the day would come where I would be advising others to start each day early. I used to be the queen of sleeping in late on the weekends and holidays. However, last year, I began slowly incorporating the practice of getting up early.

Although admittedly, some days are still hard for me to get up early and resist continuously hitting the snooze button, here is what I realize each time I get up earlier:

  • I am energized and able to get my tasks done for the day
  • I get a lot more done – sometimes more than my to do list (productivity)
  • I not only feel energized but I feel balanced

On the contrary, the days I get up late, I start the day super fatigued, sometimes even with a headache. Everything I do after that would feel like a drag. Even if productivity is achieved within the hours of the day remaining, it would usually happen in the afternoon or evening, making me super energized and unable to sleep. It is important to be more aware of the habits we create because one (1) day can turn into a week; a week into a month and before you know it, it’s your routine – a toxic one at that!


After rising early, it’s great to spend time in prayer and just take time to read and understand God’s word. Usually, I use the You Version Bible App to do this. I appreciate the app because it offers notes, made by other users, that may help me better grasp the message if I am confused. I also make my own notes on the app which is always great to revisit. My relationship with God is still a work in progress but doing this daily has really helped me stay on track. I also enjoy doing different plans offered on the app, based on what I need help with the most, at that point in time.

Added to this, I would sometimes follow up in my journal and jot down a few things I am grateful for on that day. This helps me to refocus on what’s important and I always feel whole and positive.


For years now I have built the habit of consuming 2 litres of room temperature water a day, AT LEAST! Now, once it is accessible, I’ll go for 3 litres. Water is so beneficial; it hydrates your body from the inside out, flushes it of any toxins, aids with digestion and so much more! I ain’t no doctor but I know it has truly benefitted me over the years. As of late, once I get up off my bed, I go straight to the kitchen and try drinking 24 – 32oz of room temperature water. This helps rehydrate my body after hours of sleep and kicks off my digestion for the day. Honestly, Google the benefits of water and try it yourself!


I LAUGH in my head as I expand on this point because those who know me personally, know that in addition to not being a morning person, I also never LIKED to read. Even after being advised by one of my mentors, that I should read more often, many attempts either proved to be a chore or would put me right to sleep! LOL! However, late last year, I made a stronger effort to start reading more and finish some of the books I had started but gave up on.

I have learnt so much from reading thus far, that has helped to improve the way I think, speak and act towards myself & others. To be very real, this post was inspired by a book I read called, “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. Now, I am on the hunt for even more books. The knowledge is in the books people! LMAO! Be wary though, of the books you do read – not all content is healthy for you.

PS. Currently reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis


Exercise is just as important as drinking water and eating healthy. Exercise has great benefits for physical, mental and emotional health. Again, Google it yourself because I am not an expert but I always feel the difference in my body and state of mind when I have gone even a few days without consistent exercise. Usually I try to get in at least 3 to 4 days of exercise per week. I find that having workout buddies maintains motivation even on the days where I really dread working out.

However, please understand that exercise must accompany healthy eating and sufficient rest. This is where I struggle the most and it has hindered my current fitness goals but whatever you do, DO NOT THROW IN THE TOWEL! Some days you may mess up, but get up the next day and try again. I have established great discipline in the past and have been able to achieve or come close to my fitness goals then. Eat healthier and go to bed earlier to reap the most benefits out of your workouts. During rest, your body is able to heal and repair those sore muscles that you just worked! You can grab a few friends and get moving but don’t be sore in vain!

What are some habits that have been improving your lifestyle?  What is one habit you would like to develop this year?  Comment below!

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires

Simone Inspires


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  1. Adrian Nero says:

    Best advice I can give is to work on our mental and emotional health. People usually neglect these aspects but what we put in our minds and hearts impacts us in a major way.

    Also try having an optimistic outlook on life. It aids on how we deal with the difficult circumstances and inevitabilities that are thrown our way. I think once we work on that we can overcome any obstacle that may come our way.

    All your points were very true as I can attest to them all! I only made this mention as I’ve realized that it’s how we approach these steps is what determines if we will even be truly willing to do it, and at the times we don’t have the desire, the same mental and emotional training would give us that discipline to stay on course even when we don’t want to.

    Very informative read as always Simone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with this because the mind is a powerful thing. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain healthy mindsets in the face of adversity. However, consistently working on our mental and emotional health is a step in the right direction.

      Personally I think that can be achieved through engaging with God and journalling because we are able to gain a more positive perspective by more on our blessings than our trials and allowing God to guide our thoughts words and actions.

      They pretty much go hand in hand you know. Great contribution…reminded me to be more mindful of my own emotional and mental health.

      Liked by 1 person

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