Before You Throw The Whole Of 2018 Away . . .

Here they come. The memes! The resolutions! The big talk!

“IT WAS A ROUGH YEAR!” “NEW YEAR NEW ME!” “EVERYBODY GETTING CUT OFF!” Okay sis! Chill . . . Most of us, if not all of us, are guilty of this.

I constantly preach on this blog that “IT IS OKAY TO BE HUMAN!” And it is… but whether your entire year was a struggle or is still struggling, there is always good in every bad situation.

I saw you rolling your eyes there, RUDE! Simmer down I’m not trying to be corny, ok!

In all seriousness though, I experienced that for myself this year. Many life changes happened this year, some of which brought me sadness, fear, stress and even anger. However, after continuous introspection and prayer, I slowly became thankful. Each of these rough situations gave me a reality check and provided opportunity for growth & healing in different areas of my life. I also realized that despite the bad, a lot of good took place as well. This made me feel a lot more hopeful and energized to take action and keep going. It’s amazing what a change in perspective can do for you.

So before you go bashing 2018, reflect a bit! As one of my close friends reminded me, sometimes we have to look back and say thank you, before moving forward. I am sure you will realize that the year wasn’t all bad. The reality is, nothing will ever be all sunshine and rainbows. You can plot, plan and set a million goals, but life will always happen. How will you choose to respond when it does?

I wish you all the happiness, motivation, inspiration and energy to be your best. Not just for the new year but always ❤

How has 2018 helped you grow despite the obstacles you faced? Leave a comment below, I am eager to hear from you. Like and share this post to your loved ones to spread the positivity and start the new year inspired!

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires

Simone Inspires

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