My Closet Staples

Whether we have a whole walk in closet of clothes, a tiny overpacked closet or we’re somewhere in between the two, there is always that handful of clothes we just cannot live without.  Even with a plethora of pieces, that one piece we’ve probably had for years always comes in at the top when creating an ensemble. 

I thought I would share some of my staple pieces.  I consider these pieces to be my staples because they always prove to be comfortable and breathable especially living in such humid weather.  Most importantly they are versatile in the many ways they can be styled when creating ensembles. For me comfort is always a top priority so you may notice that trend in my list.  Here we go:

The High Waisted Black Leggings

If I had the opportunity to wear leggings everyday, I probably would! I have grown obsessed with high waisted leggings because they are so comfortable. Even though they are form fitting, they still allow maximum freedom of movement and breathability which provide that comfort component.  The more comfortable I am the more confidence I exude.  Whether I am running errands or heading out for a casual night with friends, I automatically think of this piece first.

I love the high waisted and breathability features simply because I can eat and not feel restricted in my clothes.  This is real! LOL! Usually I would style my leggings with a dressy, flowy top when I am going out or a comfortable t-shirt if I am heading out to run errands.  

LIGHTWEIGHT Maxi & Just Above The Knee Dresses

Don’t want to wear a leggings?  Well a dress is always my next option, sometimes first, depending on my mood.  A cute lightweight dress in general is so comfortable and gives me so many styling options.  Many of the dresses I wear possess a sufficient amount of movement that adds comfort, heightens breathability and adds a sense of poise and femininity which I love. 

I mostly style my dresses with statement accessories for more formal events or my favourite gold pieces with a flattering pair of shoes for other occasions.

Good Old Faithful denim Jeans

We all have that good old pair of jeans.  You can never have too many jeans.  However, my Just USA jeans are my favourite.  They are mid rise, with just enough stretch.  It is also distressed at the knees, with tiny distressed features at the pockets and ends of the pant legs.  Personally, the less I have to wear pants the better but due to the sufficient stretch of the jeans alongside the mid rise feature, it provides the right comfort and movement I need for a foodie date night.  LOL! Can you tell how much I love food yet?  Anyways, this post isn’t about that! NEXT!

white/ black basic SPAGHETTI STRAP TEES

You honestly have to have at least a black and/ or white basic thin strap tee in your closet.  It’s a necessity.  I find myself wearing these a lot within tops that may be too shear for a more modest event.  They are also great as inner pieces for more layered ensembles like this one I posted on my IG.

So many looks can come out of these bad boys, of course, I have them in other colours too!

What are your favourite staple pieces and how do you feel when you wear them?  Leave a comment below! Like and share this post to your friends & fellow fashionistas ❤ 

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires

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