A Mindful Revelation | Thoughts of A Secret Designer

Recently, I enrolled in an online fashion course on Coursera. I wanted to learn more about the history behind fashion and how it evolved overtime. To complete the course, participants had to submit a 300 – 500 word personal essay about course related topics with regards to at least two (2) pieces in our closet…

Preparing For Your Blessing

Ending off this month and starting a new one with the right mindset! Enjoy 🙂 Let me know what you think!

The Value Of Sharing Your Process

Life can be amazing at times but on other occasions, things can get rocky. When this transpires, it often propels the need for some sort of change or improvement within ourselves or our environment (if possible). We sit down, we evaluate, we plan and we action. That improvement eventually comes into fruition, we are seemingly…

Becoming Your Best Self

We all reach a point in our lives where we long for some sort of purpose or discovery in pursuit of becoming the best versions of ourselves. It could be a sign of maturity which brings us to this point or simply, a trigger of motivation for us to move on from current stagnation. Either…

Investing In Your Craft | Thoughts of A Secret Designer

A little storytime because I feel like it! LMAO! Ever experienced feelings of doubt in discovering your true passion? I know I do at times. Usually it would follow a very apologetic glance at my old and trusty sketchpad and a feeling of guilt that I am not giving my all to my real passion….