Feeling Lost And Learning To Be Patient

Ever reach that point in your life where you genuinely have no clue or direction as to where you are going or where you are meant to be?  That dreadful, lost feeling that propels vulnerability and the fear of the unknown. From once having your life together, or so you perceived it to be, to now beginning to question your purpose in life because you are just so confused and stagnant.

Let me just empathize with you and comfort you by admitting that we all experience this point in our lives.  As of late however,  I have come to realize and believe that, it is at this point that God is preparing us for something big.  While we may feel totally uncomfortable at these points, it is at these lows that we must be patient and trust in God’s timing.  More often than not, it means that God is working on our lives, shaping us and is about to drop some huge blessings on us like never before.

Being an impatient person who always has things under control and organized most times, this test of timing and patience may prove to be hard at times.  However, I encourage you to never give up, keep praying and keep working on yourself.  Trust in God above all things – this often is so hard for some of us but will really be a reflection of how strong our faith is.  Yes, you will feel sad and become exhausted but try hard to never give up on yourself or on God in these times.  These are great opportunities for us to quiet our minds, work on becoming the best versions of ourselves with God and, strengthen our faith.

Besides praying and trying to remain positive, one thing that will truly help you through these times is surrounding yourself with positive people and speaking with mentors. Mentors often are there to help you find your direction, passion and purpose.  All of which will help you move forward in your life if you are still very clueless or confused about that particular aspect of your life.

You will get through this I promise!


As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires


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