Product Review | Happy Curls, Happy Girls Natural Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Yall! Check out my live demo of this conditioner :O … just do it!

What a great experience with a locally made product of Trinidad. Thank you Happy Curls, Happy Girls for creating such an amazing product! No regrets ❤

The L.O.C vs L.C.O Method

I need to dedicate this post to all my low porosity curly hair sisters.  Have we been sleeping on the L.C.O (Liquid/ Leave-In, Cream, Oil) method? In one of my past posts – My Hair Care Regimen – I briefly speak about the L.O.C (Liquid/ Leave-In, Oil, Cream) method which I incorporate into my hair care regimen. …

What I Did To Stimulate Hair Growth

Everyone’s hair journey is unique to them but often times, when some have just begun their journey, the rate at which their hair is growing out may be a big concern – at least, this was what it was like for me when transitioning back to natural.  While hair health is a major key (LOL) and should ideally…