Product Review | Eco Natural Cocktail Super Fruit Complex Curl n’ Styling Curl Creme


This is NOT a sponsored review. All opinions shared are my own and are based on my experience with this product.

So I have to do a review on this because I was not even aware that it existed. Before we dive in though…

For your information

  • Hair Type: 3C
  • Hair Porosity: Low
  • Density: High with thick hair strands
  • Other hair features: naturally dry, frizzy

Important factors about my use of this product

  • Duration of use thus far: approximately two (2) months
  • How the product was used: – in isolation for two (2) strand twists

in tandem with a detangling cream for a wash and go

  • State of hair when applied: Damp
  • Climate within which product is used: Tropical/ hot weather/ Humid


This curl creme possesses a very clean and mild scent . The consistency is of a thin jelly cream but not as thick as the classic Eco Styler gels. This allows the product to be distributed easily through the hair.


Two Strand Twist

This product was applied on damp hair after being cleansed and was the only product being used apart from a natural, light oil of choice to moisturize the scalp. The curling creme offered sufficient slip allowing for perfect smoothing of hair strands before twisting. It did an EXCELLENT job at defining the twists and adding a subtle, healthy shine. It is also important to mention that a little goes a long way with this product when doing twists.

Wash and Go

The Eco Naturals styler was applied after the Aunt Jackie’s Quench! Leave-In Conditioner This resulted in impressive definition of the natural curl pattern, allowing for small to medium sized clumping of hair strands. The product melted right into the hair without leaving any sign of product residue. In comparison to the two strand twists, a bit more product, per quarter portion of hair, was required in order to achieve the desired definition and clumping of hair strands.


Overall, the Eco Natural styler did an EXCELLENT job at defining the twists and adding a subtle, healthy shine for both styles. The product did not eliminate shrinkage but curls were left soft and fluffy without a heavy cast/ distinct crunch. Moisture retention however, proved to be poor as hair needed to be refreshed with some more product in just one (1) or two (2) days following.


Price: In my country, this product is being offered at $22.95TTD/$3.43USD, per 8oz tub, in Pennywise.  In my opinion, it is a relatively decent price in comparison to other products offered with the same quantity of product at this retailer.

Quality: For the price, this product is relatively good as it does an excellent job at defining my curls and keeping my hair soft and shiny. However, within a day or two hair became quite dry and required a re-application using that product or some other moisturizing product. It seems that whether the styler is used in isolation or in combination with other products, the effects on the hair remain consistent.

Life of Product: I did not use this product every week thus allowing for a prolonged product life of approximately two (2) months. This is important in order to evaluate the worthiness (to you) of the amount of product you will get for the amount of money you will spend to attain such.

Final Thoughts: This product is perfect for twists and defining curls but may not provide hydration to the curls. It keeps the hair moisturized for a day or two but may require refreshing with a product that does a better job at truly moisturizing and hydrating the hair.

The deal breaker for me was the duration of time my hair could have gone without refreshing for added moisture. Thus, this is where the product failed for me. I am not sure if it’s due to the product itself or the technique – application on damp vs dry or drenched hair. Whether in isolation or not, it seems that the product did not possess sufficient delivery of moisture retention or hydration to my low porosity hair in humid weather conditions. As such, I may be hesitant to repurchase this product.

Rating of Product: 3/5

As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

Simone Inspires

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