3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand New

Hey Hey friends! Sooooo…can we talk about caring for our clothes? A lot of content is out there offering styling tips and the likes, which is amazing. However, I truly believe even before we get to styling, this is an integral part and a prerequisite for styling some of your best pieces.

For as long as I could remember I’ve always been a bit OCD with my clothing. My closet always has to be somewhat colour coordinated and over the years, I have tried my best to keep my pieces in good condition… whether expensive or cheap…no discrimination here! LOL. I’ve seen many of my pieces stand the test of time because of proper care and I have no regrets. The appearance of your clothing can really make or break some of your best fits and we ain’t trying to be out here looking busted sis! So here are 3 easy changes you can make to properly care for your closet faves:

1. USE A Clothing Depiller

Pilling or fuzz develops overtime on certain fabrics of clothing. Some prime suspects are cotton , blends of cotton and polyester, wool and acrylic. Added to this, depending on the quality and required care, your clothes may start pilling after just one or two washes. I really hate this because it severely ages the appearance of the piece.

Bobbles on the gray tee-shirt cotton knit fabric. Pills on the knitwear.

Having a clothing depiller/shaver is a serious staple for caring for my clothes and how I keep even my lower quality pieces looking decent. Those little fuzzies are super annoying and can seriously downgrade the potential of an amazing outfit. I certainly prefer these shavers over a lint roller because they are way more efficient and noticeably make a world of a difference. Added bonus – they are tiny and cute so there is no worry about taking up space. Go get you one sis, thank me later!

Click on these to check them out!

Conair Defuzzer

Magictec Rechargeable Depiller

2. Pay Attention to & FOLLOW the CARE tag/ LABEL!

You see those little tags on the inside of your pieces? Read it! It is super important and often we tend to overlook them…and by “we” I mean, me too girl LOL!

These care labels give specific information on how to wash your pieces so as to maintain its quality and longevity. Fabrics vary in how strong they are and can withstand wear and tear so you don’t want to accelerate that through improper care. For instance, you may not want to put pieces, with a much more delicate fabric, on a regular wash cycle when it really should either be laundered, hand washed or put on a delicate setting, where the agitation in the washer is a lot gentler and infrequent.

Sew in Flag type Care labels produced for you from just 25 pieces

Apart from the method of washing, these tags also detail the composition of the fabric and whether you can use an iron or apply steam. Again, super important in order to avoid burning and quicker wear and tear. You would also notice that these labels would advise you to wash the particular item with like colours. So yes, separating your pieces before washing also makes a difference!

Listen, these labels may be small but they pack a lot of info that can help your clothes last much longer. Here is a small guide so you know what the little symbols mean.

what the symbols on label care tags mean

Speaking of whether you can use an iron or apply steam, that brings me to my final tip…

3. CONSIDER USING A Clothes Steamer

Maaann…I’m team steamer any day! I cannot stand ironing and the first time I used a steamer on my clothes, it was a whole new world. I absolutely loved it! Not only was the process of removing wrinkles much faster but to me, it makes my pieces look a lot more polished in comparison to that of a regular iron. Again though, be guided by your garment labels as for some fabrics, your garment label might advise to avoid steaming. For delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon, the steamer is perfect! You can however, use the steamer for heavier fabrics, such as denim and cordaroy but you may have to apply a closer steam with a bit of pressure – it may be quicker to revert to the iron for fabrics like those.

Consider trying a steamer instead of an iron for the fabrics that are suitable. It’s just more efficient. There are convenient handheld ones or you can get a fully loaded one with a hose and rack to hang the item. Currently eyeing these 2 though…

Hilifer Steamer

I saw Jackie Aina recently using this particular steamer and I really want to get one myself. It doubles as an iron too! I live for a good 2-in-1 essential!

Conair Dual Steamer and Iron

Do you practice any of these to keep your clothes looking like new? Let me know and leave any other ways you practice clothing care in the comments below!

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!

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