This Is Why It’s Better To Deep Condition Your Hair With Heat…

It is now 8 years of going back natural and stiiiiiilllll, deep conditioning is non-negotiable in my hair care regimen. I would admit it is daunting sometimes but oh so necessary! Doing this weekly is one thing but it’s a whole different thing when you start adding heat to your deep conditioning routine. It hits different and it is noticeable….in a good way though! I have tried my deep conditioning routine with and without heat and I much rather deep conditioning with heat. Here’s why….


With a good deep conditioner and some heat applied, via a Hot Head or just a simple therapeutic steam cap, your deep conditioner can better penetrate your hair strands. You see, in it’s normal state, the cuticles of our hair strands are usually closed. Now when that heat is applied, it opens up those hair cuticles allowing that deep conditioner to quickly and effectively soak into the hair strands. This is what you want! I have found that without the heat, it feels as though the product takes longer to penetrate my hair and by the time it does, it’s near time to rinse it all out. You want to get the most out of the deep conditioner within that 15 – 30min window.

This is especially great for persons with low porosity hair where it tends to take longer for product to really get into the hair strands. Time is of the essence so maximize those benefits sis, your hair will thank you later!

it aids to better hydrate the hair

Sooo it’s a no brainer! If the heat is allowing the products to fully soak into the hair strands, it can now properly work from the inside out as opposed to mere surface level moisturization. Hydration is key and something that is sometimes hard to achieve but once it is, you’d find your hair not only looks moisturized and healthy but is also soft and supple. Just imagine the benefits of committing to deep conditioning on a weekly basis! LISTEEENN! I do it and nooo regrets! Which leads to my next point actually….

IT aids in moisture retention

I had gone through a period where I had stopped deep conditioning and I’d admit, it was laziness okay LOL. I was merely conditioning my hair for a few minutes weekly with no heat. What a big mistake – an even bigger boo boo if you know the woes of low porosity hair that is naturally dry. OOOOH! CHIILEE! It came to a point where no matter what product I tried, my hair was not retaining the moisture at all, leaving it dry. Of course, as soon as I started back on my deep conditioning routine with the heat, this problem went away eventually. Sometimes, the problem is indeed the products but other times, it’s the method!


You know when you take a strand of hair and tug on it just to see if it bounces back? Yup, that’s basically elasticity and your hair telling you, “Yea sis! we good over here!”

The stronger your hair’s elasticity, the less likely breakage can occur – this is a great indicator that the health of your hair is in good shape! So please guys, don’t skip your deep conditioning routine and don’t be afraid to get it a little hot and steamy okay! LOL

Now that you know some of the key benefits of deep conditioning with heat, do you think you will be incorporating it in your next wash day routine? If you do, let me know in the comments what changes you notice in your hair and what deep conditioner you used!

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