5 Signs It’s Time To Trim Your Curls

Sooo …. if you follow me on Instagram, you’d see that I gave my curls a little snip snip a month or so ago. This is something I usually do for myself but on a super sporadic basis. However, I hadn’t done so in literally MONTHS and for a while now, I noticed that my curls were a bit lethargic. Luckily though, they were back to normal once I snipped them which had me like,

” OOOORRRRRRR THAT’S WHYY!! Duuuuuh Simone! :”) “

So here are 5 signs that told me I needed to prune my curls a bit:


I swear, no matter how many times I combed through my tresses, those annoying single strands knots would appear at some point. A complete nuisance! I couldn’t understand why! As soon as I went snip snip, these little knots become almost non-existent which made me a very happy camper LOL! I still get a few from time to time as I need to get my hair professionally cut and shaped but compared to the excessive amount before, WE GOOD! So if you are noticing excessive amounts of these annoying little knots, then I would STRONGLY suggest you do the same. 🙂


Now naturally, my hair is frizzy. I tend to use gel and other stylers to help curb or tame the frizz for a certain amount of time – or at least reduce it. In this way, when I do a protective style, it will usually go two or even three days before I have to either restyle or revive it to last the entire week – depending on the style. Granted, from time to time I definitely used products that did not aid in taming my frizz – I found that I would have to restyle almost daily. This became super annoying and had me baffled because I know how my hair reacts and how long a protective style can last. Also, some mornings, I just don’t have the time or energyyyy to spend on my hair. Added to this, my wash and go’s just never set right. I remember doing one for Christmas Eve and it was a complete mess! 😦 I would therefore suggest to really reflect on the last time you trimmed your tresses when having this issue.


*cue the corny infomercial voice* – Do your ends seem like they are thinning, causing your hair to taper off as it grows? If you said yes, then CHIILLDDDD! YA NEEDS TO LET ‘EM GOOO! Just because your hair is growing doesn’t mean it is okay that your ends are looking sparse and thin. Even if your hair is healthy, this makes it look quite the opposite! I realized my ends were doing this for a while and I did not understand. Curls looked okay but it lacked life and lustre. Even though I did a little trim, I may still need to take off a few more inches. However, I would definately recommend getting this professionally done.


My hair is usually easy to detangle… until it wasn’t LOL. Once my hair is drenched or even better, has conditioner applied to it, detangling most times is a fairly quick process. However, I had begun to notice how unnecessarily prolonged and bothersome this task became, doing my hair more harm than good. Once I freed my curls a bit at the ends, my easy detangling routine was restored and THANK GOD CUZ SIS I CANNOT! HAHA! If detangling is becoming a bit more difficult than you are accustomed, it might be about time for a trim! PERIODT!


Where is the bounce back? Hadn’t seen it in months sis! I admit, there were a couple times, during my wash routine, where I would tug at my curls to see the bounce back – so underwhelming! There was definitely a bounce but not like I knew my curls to be. Sure enough though, after I snipped, the bounce made a re-appearance! I would urge you to consider a little trim if you experience the same issue.


I’m sure there are other tell all signs that our mane needs a little pruning! What are some signs that tell you that you need a trim?? Comment below!

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Simone Inspires