Make This Year Count

Yes folks, it is a New Year!

Now I am not about to be cliche with the “New year, new me!” accompanied by the empty promises that most often follow new years resolutions but hear me out for a few minutes. I know to some the new year does not mean much, but to many it is an opportunity for a fresh start and what’s so bad about that?  2016 may have been a great year for some, an okay year for others and a sour one for the rest, but I am sure that whether it was good or not, many of us would like to harvest optimism and prosperity in our lives.

We may have goals we set for a while but were not able to achieve and so I would like to share with you how I deal with this and offer advice on how to move forward.

Firstly, always remember that despite it all, you are human and you are not perfect. As such, it is natural to make mistakes at some point or the other.  However, it is at these moments that life graces us with strength through the lessons we learn from those mistakes.  So how do we move forward?


Take time to think about what worked and what did not work for you in the past when trying to achieve something you really desire.  What did you learn and how do you think you can approach things more effectively.  In doing this, it establishes a sense of clarity in terms of what exactly your goals are and helps to narrow in on how best to go about achieving these goals.


I prefer paper or a white board but you can note it where ever you like.  I am not sure people understand how truly effective making physical notes of your goals can be.  It is almost like setting things in stone and creating the way forward.  This has always worked for me through varying aspects of my life.  Try to be specific and concise when writing down your goals. The following details how I recently learnt to record my goals:

  • Write down the actual goal/s you want to achieve;
  • Jot down the actions you plan to take in order to achieve those goals;
  • List any changes you anticipate that will reflect progress;
  • Briefly write down any small notes related to your goals or motivational quotes.

3. READ . . . OFTEN

Whether you love to read or not, attempt to read at least a few times a week.  Stay in touch with material that is motivating and keeps you on track with the nature of your goals.  For instance, if one of your goals is to attain As in all your courses for the new academic year but you struggle with time management,  perhaps it would be wise to read material that offers tips on improving management of your time and even how to stay motivated.  Reading, I have learnt, is very beneficial however, videos can also help a great deal when coupled with reading.  Use all resources accessible to you.


Make small efforts each day to do things that positively contribute towards achieving your goal.  There is a difference between being busy and being productive – be wary and work smart.  Sometimes it may seem you are very busy but no real impact is being made.  Other times, it may not seem like you have not done much or as if you are stagnant, but small changes are realized overtime.  Its like doing one hundred (100) squats a day but you have terrible form so you remain stagnant in your gains and reap some adverse physical effects, as opposed to doing fifty (50) squats a day with perfect form and seeing results sooner.

Stay focused and take each day at a time.


Maintaining positivty  is important and can be done in many ways through our thoughts, actions and the company we keep.  Be vigilant and aware about these three aspects especially when pursuing your goals and staying motivated through those periods of adversity.

For further insight on this, check out my post, How To Maintain Positivity


If you have been reading my blog for sometime now, you would have caught on to the fact that I am a strong believer in God and so, my best tip which I saved for last -LOL- is to leave it all in God’s hands.  With every step that you take from here, practice prayer at all times and give God your time.  He is truly the only person that can guide you through this life in the best way.  Always thank Him first but pray about your goals and ask for discernment, strength and courage to persevere and take action.

For further readings and motivation, feel free to peruse the rest of my blog, in particular, the Life category:

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires


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