How To Maintain Positivity

We all know how challenging it is to be going through a hard time and yet, try to maintain positivity.  Regardless of how optimistic of a person one may be, one cannot say with honesty that they have never had urges or fell into a slump at one point or another.  So here are some ways to remain positive when the going gets tough:


Whatever religion you may be, take some time to call on your God and just have a normal conversation with Him, if possible, daily.  This is a great form of therapy – at least I can attest to this.  Something about having a quality prayer session with Him, can make one feel like he can get through anything life hits him with.  So even if its 2 minutes or an hour, make time for Him to get you through the storm.  Of course, don’t forget to continue praying after the storm too. 🙂


It is imperative to allocate some time for intrapersonal activity.  Take time to reflect on the blessings in your life such as having life to get the opportunity to reflect. LOL.  Big or small, blessings are to be cherished.  Also, reflect on any positive changes you may have undergone over the years.  More than likely, these changes would have made you a better person in some way or would have brought you to a better place in your life at some point.  What did you change about your attitude to have experienced those changes?  Do you have that attitude now?  Perhaps you may have strayed from those healthy attitudes and may need to re-adopt them.


Engaging with nature – hiking, camping etc.- can truly be a healing mechanism, again, I can attest to this. LOL!  Most times when stressed out by school or life in general, I would find that even simply sitting on the benches under the trees at my university and enjoying the breeze, helped me to escape those stresses for a brief moment. It is a calming experience to say the least.  So try it!


This has recently helped me through tough times.  If you are into things of this nature, this may be perfect.  I got my friend to personally make a happiness notebook for me. She also went ahead to stock a decorated box with small notes of positive quotes for me to read whenever I liked.  These are also great tools.  Writing down such things as a list of things you are thankful for and how you plan to make more positive changes in your life, are great entries to make in your happiness journal.  The benefit of writing them down is that you are able to go back and read them over as often as you like.


Ever realized how warm and fuzzy your insides feel after helping a stranger on a random day or even going all out to do volunteer work at a charity or non-profit organization?  If you are going through financial hard times, perhaps small deeds on any day may be helpful but be sure to give without any expectations of returns or favors.  Do it from the heart! ❤


This one is linked to Tip#2.  Have there been any recent changes that may have been the source of frustration in your life or made your life stagnant?  Perhaps you have become acquainted with the wrong people – they may be negative, lack ambition or just attract a lot of toxicity (drama etc).  It may be great for a short time but you have to be the strong one to leave any situations or keep a distance from friends or acquaintances so that you set your life in the right direction towards a better place and, becoming the best version of yourself.  Pray and ask God for discernment to help you seek out any sources or forms of toxicity and the strength to remove yourself from them.  Instead, surround yourself with people and situations that harvest prosperity, positivity, happiness and success.  The less stress, the closer you can be to genuine happiness.


A special someone in your life, a mentor, your parents, anyone you deem trustworthy – don’t be afraid to turn to these loved ones for advice or just to talk/vent to them. Sometimes talking out something can help but just try not to dwell on your issues.  Rather, use the advice and feedback from talking with these persons, as a motivator to move forward in a more positive light!

I hope this would have helped you in some way.  Stay strong and persevere!


As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires


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