The Discomfort Of A “Dry Spell”

Life is always good until you hit a dry spell.  All of a sudden life is seemingly so terrible and you begin feeling lost with lack of purpose. But why?

Well let’s see here . . . it isn’t routine which creates a sense of insecurity because it isn’t familiar or “safe.”  You literally have no clue of what is to come and that builds up a fear.  It’s totally uncomfortable and you start to second guess everything due to that.  Yea, this was me about 2 years ago having completed university and very much struggling to attain a job. For some, this comes with sudden unemployment, a hit to financial security, a breakup, back to back mishaps . . . the list goes on.   These are all features of life happening even when you are not prepared.

Recently however, I stepped into this weird phase of my own life.  Needless to say, I saw it coming and it made me really think.  Is a dry spell honestly as bad as most of us react while in it?  I have realized something about a dry season that can probably change your perspective on this whole thing.  Here it is:


Being in a dry spell is such a great time to catch up on well . . . yourself!  Many times we are caught up in the mundanes of life that we forget to take care of ourselves.  Use this time for self-care, healing and overall mental and emotional restoration.  Mental health and wellness is so important.  So get that much needed rest, reflect and embark on the necessary moves to make for a better you.  This could mean working on your personality, making amends with loved ones, improving your spirituality or even creating and adopting a healthier lifestyle.  Once you reflect and attain clarity, you will be able to identify your area/s of need.


Honestly, a dry season does not have to be dry at all.  It can very well be capitalized on and turned into an opportunity for fruitfulness.  How many times have we heard success stories that started with someone being rejected, from a seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity, or laid off from their jobs and making their dreams come true from their own drought.  A dry season brings with it a lot of uncertainty but it is this very discomfort that sprouts growth.  Use the time you have to do what you always wanted to, discover yourself and fulfill your purpose.  Sometimes, we need to be in these situation to push us to take that leap of faith and decide to truly live.


Having said all of this, if you are currently in a dry season of your own, I really want you to sit back and look at the whole picture.  I am not saying you have to be all rainbows and sunshines every minute of every day.  Realistically, you are human. YES! You may be scared, it may be hard and you may make mistakes but hey! This is all part it. Some days you will feel really discouraged and start slipping into a Debby Downer but catch yourself in those moments.  Allow yourself to be human but never wallow.  This will not contribute to your process in any way but rather just stunt the progress.


Your dry spell may actually be a blessing in disguise!  Always remember that even though change is inevitable you always have control of what you make of that change.  How will you react? Have faith and stay encouraged . . . ALWAYS!

Have you ever been in a dry season or going through one right now?  How did you cope/ are you coping with it?  Leave a comment below, like and share this post!  Let’s keep it real and help each other out! ❤

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As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires




2 Comments Add yours

  1. nerobenoit says:

    Great blog once again Simone! I truly love and appreciate your content. And those GIFs 😂, I chuckled at every single one. Suited the situations so well.

    Dry seasons are awesome in my opinion as it is what pushes you to new limits. It compels you to take action. Sometimes when your back is against a wall, it is when you push back the hardest. I truly think it’s the most opportunistic time for self care, self repair and self development. Shoot, sometimes I feel like I can do with a dry season myself 😂.

    But in all seriousness I say this as I truly believe that’s when we truly do what we have to. When you get in a routine sometimes things can get too comfortable and we grow complacent and can potentially stunt ourselves by not progressing. A dry season definitely does not have to be a negative thing. It’s all in the mindset of the individual and like you said, we can grow from it, and to me, it is the perfect setting as the land of opportunity.

    Keep up the good work Simone! Your work gets a resounding YES from me!👌🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nero! Firstly thanks alot for always showing love and appreciation for my content. Your support will always be showed much gratitude.❤ also glad you found humor in the GIFs…mission accomplished😂😂😂

      But yes, these are truly times to get it going especially if we have been putting off things to be done in the “right timing”….so sometimes we need a little drought to get us out of the procrastination or get us in tune with our own realities. However , these times are not all flowers and sunshine ….sometimes it gets really rough and hard to stay positive but I hope my content can encourage anyone, even myself in those times, to just never give up and remember the points of making the most of it all. The growth at the end is always so worth it!

      Thanks much for engaging and I look forward to providing even greater content for you to enjoy. Stay blessed ❤😊🙌


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