Fed Up…Here Is The Truth

I’m fed up! That’s really what it is to be honest . .

Lately I’ve been really trying to be mindful about securing my happiness and mental health. giphyI’m fed up of misconceptions and judgement. I’m tired of fears, miscommunications, should and could haves, overthinking, apologizing and explaining myself too much to others and just taking life way too seriously.

The truth is, much of the content I put out serves as it’s own dose of self-motivation to help me through my own life.  Funny enough it was the beginning of that process which spawned the inception of this blog. I was fresh out of university and feeling completely lost. Doubting myself and my true purpose as I set foot into that weird transition period of early 20s, finishing my degree and entering adulthood.

Today, things are better but I am still learning and discovering so much. However, through my own growth and maturity I am realizing that I am exhausted by overly caring about every little thing. but-why-gif-15It stresses me out and robs me of my happiness. . . and for what? So how about not caring so much? I did’t say don’t care at all! I’ve tried the “I don’t care about anything” attitude and it’s just too impractical and doesn’t align with the empathetic nature I possess.  Also, I just end up looking like a jerk.

Realistically though, it’s about balance. It isn’t that we shouldn’t care about anything or anyone but rather that we shift our cares towards things that are more important.  Seriously! It’s a waste of energy allowing others and trivial situations, that we have no control over, to get us all worked up.  In those moments I attempt the following:


Using that trigger moment to stop and truly question “Is this even that serious?” can set the right perspective.  grllyMany times we may just be having a bad day and everything is riding our nerves.  Other times, it could be due to some deeper suppressed issue that is triggering our negative reactions.  It can also be a case of overthinking. Do not stupidly waste your energy and trade your happiness for stress.


Please note that this is a follow up to the prior point! LOL! Sometimes it really is better to keep your mouth shut.  However, it isn’t fun living with contention and bottled up issues. If you have identified that the situation is really THAT serious or triggered by deeper issues, then express how you feel in a way that allows for effective communication and/ or resolution and closure.  Life is too short to be living in anger because of the past.  Talk it out!


These things take time but I believe that with greater consciousness and a shift in attitude, it is possible.  A great book that has helped me through this is “The Sublte Art of Not Giving A F***” by Mark Manson. This book truly opened my eyes on some key realities of life. I promise, you won’t regret it!

 I hope my life experiences continue to motivate and inspire you to never give up on life and remind you that it’s okay to be human 🙂


Were you ever in a place where you just cared too much?  How did you deal with it for the sake of your own happiness?  Leave a comment below, like and share this post!  Let’s keep it real and help each other out! ❤


As always, to God’s blessings, prosperity, faith, happiness and love!


Simone Inspires



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  1. I have that book.
    I’ve not read it, but I’m going to now… I understand how it is to just be tired of everything. I personally feel like at this point, I’m just going through the motions…. Just doing what I have to and seeing how it goes.
    The little perfectionist and control freak in me still wants to take charge and make sure there are no flaws… But lif e happens and you just feel like you need a ‘pause’ button to your life.

    You just gotta hold on and pull through….

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    1. Yay! Do take a read it will really change your perspective. Even now I am still working on my outlook but it truly made me more conscious and mindful of how I react to certain things. I can totally relate to the control freak/ perfectionist thing. Don’t worry girl we will get through! Thanks so much for engaging…means a bunch! ❤

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      1. You’re welcome ♥️

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  2. Nesbittgirl says:

    I appreciated the balance of this article… I have one friend who preaches “its never that serious” and another who would say “say how u feel and move on… live your best life”. So its really about having that inner balance and discernment to figure out what really matters…the moment we allow things that dont matter to affect our peace it all goes downhill. Looking forward to more easy and interesting reads.

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    1. Hey Nesbittgirl! First of all thanks for commenting means a bunch ❤

      But yes I totally agree! It is really about discernment and balance. We are sometimes so caught up in our emotions we dont try to really scope out the situation. Not everything is worth your energy so why give it away so freely?

      I love that you said it was an easy read because I always strive for that and try not to make my posts too long. Hope to see you again on my blog 😊 If you want to get instant notification of new content you can press the follow button to subscribe to the blog itself. Thanks again girl 🤗❤

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  3. nerobenoit says:

    When you post these awesome articles, it gives me great joy when I get to express my inner Khaled……”Another One! 🙌🏾”

    I truly believe that we invest way too much time and energy in pleasing others whilst robbing ourselves of our own happiness and sometimes sanity as well. Personally I think if we choose to engage something or someone, ask yourself, “Am I doing this because I truly want to? Or am I doing this because I feel as though I am compelled to?” When you are able to truthfully answer this question, you will reveal what really matters to you and would then find the tools to identify the impediments in your life and then filter out what is unnecessary to you.

    I am not saying to be self absorbent in solely yourself but rather to preserve your happiness. We need to ensure that our mental and emotional spaces are adhered to and taken care of as negligence in that regard can push us over the edge.

    Many times we guilt ourselves into doing something we do not want to but we also need to safeguard our best interests and well being, which in turn will help us to then do things with willing heart.

    Great article again Simone! I truly enjoyed this one like the others and was able to relate. Keep it up!

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    1. LOL @ your Khaled reference 🤣

      Such thoughtful feedback that truly means a lot. I definately appreciate all that you discussed in this comment because it resonates with me and is something I have to continuously stay vigilant about. We forget how vital our mental health and happiness are. When the two are exhausted everything else in life seems like it’s a struggle. This makes it so vital to be more conscious and mindful of our thoughts, reasoning and actions. Sometimes its better to respond and communicate instead of react …other times its best to brush it off and keep it moving. This is what we have to identify.

      Nero, thank you for your continued support and engagement on my blog.❤😘 It means so much to me when I recognize y’all actually read, internalize and can discuss with me and others about different topics I have posted about. Thank you thank you thank you!🙌🎉

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  4. Josie Lewis says:

    Truthful article….I cab relate on so many levels…Another great book one can try is”Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small things by Richard Carlson

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    1. I’m glad it is relateable! I will definitely check out that book..thanks much 🤗

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