5 Habits That Have Been Improving My Lifestyle

In this post, I share some healthy habits that I have been really working on and that have made a difference for me. I hope it can do the same for you! ❤

The Discomfort Of A “Dry Spell”

Life is always good until you hit a dry spell.  All of a sudden life is seemingly so terrible and you begin feeling lost with lack of purpose. But why? Well let’s see here . . . it isn’t routine which creates a sense of insecurity because it isn’t familiar or “safe.”  You literally have…

Fed Up…Here Is The Truth

I’m fed up! That’s really what it is to be honest . . Lately I’ve been really trying to be mindful about securing my happiness and mental health. I’m fed up of misconceptions and judgement. I’m tired of fears, miscommunications, should and could haves, overthinking, apologizing and explaining myself too much to others and just…

Preparing For Your Blessing

Ending off this month and starting a new one with the right mindset! Enjoy 🙂 Let me know what you think!